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Shop here and nowhere else

Extremely helpful and simple to use. Great customer service and I will always come here for my insurance needs!

Mike Donnelly

No nonsense insurance

Very efficient, no nonsense, and when you must get help, it was thoughtful not patronizing. My local agent still has not called me back after over 2 weeks!


Great options delivered quickly

Site was easy to use, quick options delivered with comparable rates and coverage.


Great Service

It was quick and hassle free. Hope this will be a long lasting relationship.



Quick, easy, professional service. Great competitive prices, awesome customer service. Very pleased with Young Al



Competitive prices. Fast responses. Easy payment options.

Mary Eastman

Great service!

They do all the work in finding the best rates for you and follow up!


Young Alfred delivered!

Young Alfred answered rather quickly which was wonderful and provided 3 reasonable prices of which I chose the lesser, of course. Thank you Young Alfred for your services.

Rachelle Pierre


Efficient, great follow-through Many team members I am eager to experience the customer service if I have a need as a new customer,


Customer service was excellent

Customer service was excellent



Cheapest, highest coverage I have found. The process was so easy. Why pay an agent and pay there fees. I saved hundreds a year Thanks Alfred!


everything was smooth and quick and…

everything was smooth and quick and prices were affordable



Horrible!!!!! On 9/7 I got quotes from three companies for homeowners thru young alfred. The email stated the quotes were good thru 10/31..On 10/1 I made a decision on a quote with a 1k deductable and clicked "buy this package"...I was taken to the payment screen and went thru the payment process..ok I figure all is good...great!!! NOT!! I get an email with the evidence of insurance (binder)...all the coverage amounts were same as quote except for the quote was a 1k deductible...the evidence of insurance (binder) has a 5k deductible!!!!!!!! After two un answered emails to my "assigned agent" I called around 11am and requested a call call around 1pm I call again he's at lunch and will return my call back..At about 2pm I call again he states was at your emails...and his "quote team is looking into it"..he stated will get back to me by call back..At 5pm I call yet he says "were not sure what happened" I don't know what to say and we're under staffed today...If I want to change to a 1000 deductible it will be and additional 245 per year due to rate increases ..I was like I don't want to change anything my quote that is good thru 20/31 was a 1k deductible and that's what I paid for. I went on rates change all the time but when you get a quote it's for the stated coverage (1k deductible) and quoted rate is good for a specific period of time..After he continued to keep saying we don't know what happened I don't know what to say.. blah blah blah... I chimed in to me it's simple when you sent the package to the insurance co the deductible was changed to 5k. It would have nice if this agent was a standup person rather than the usual pass the buck.."we don't know what happened" crap.. After I calmed down I called yet one more time to cancel the policy..requested an email confirmation of the cancellation..I get the email and looks like I'm being charged a $12 cancellation fee for a policy that from my perspective I never agreed too or authorized (I would never agree to a policy with a 5k deductible). Found compatible insurance elsewhere with a 1k deductible for a lesser premium than this bogus policy with the ole switcharoo Now I'll have the pleasure of having to straighten out with mortgage co...don't pay the renewal on my current ins...don't pay the billing for this bogus policy..and pay the billing for the new policy I found elsewhere that should be fun Thank you young alfred...NOT!!!!!!! I could care less of what you look into or don't what happened may be a mistake (but you'll never get me to buy into that!!)...the lack of this agent to respond to my emails and his approach to try and resolve during my phone calls (which I had to keep calling back) was atrocious) what you have to may say this is not typical...I can only relay my experience.. Again HORRIBLE


Insurance of the future

I loved how fast and easy the whole process was. No need for a chat with an agent, and any questions via email were answered promptly.


So far

So far, our experience has been so easy and an affordable!


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